Buck’s Naked BBQ Freeport

On first glance, a barbecue joint with naked in the title might not seem like a wise choice for little ones. But go inside, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Maybe it’s the glittering disco ball in the entry way. Or the friendly-staff who will find you a table while you’re children run screaming in the direction of the two (count em!) play houses, made by the Windham, ME-based company, Kids Crooked House. And when you realize you’re in a place where you can drink locally made beer, stuff your face with sweet potato fries and watch your kiddos play, you know you’ve hit the jackpot.

Try Buck’s Naked BBQbucksnaked_logo in Freeport, and you’ll be clicking your heels the next time you’re hankering for a fun, family-friendly restaurant.

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  1. AGREED! Buck’s is fantastic for children….and pretty darn fun for adults too! The bonus is also that the food is excellent…you’re not eating chain restaurant slop at this place…it’s real and delicious!

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