Cheap Thrills: Dollar Store Finds

Cute Potato #1 and #2 in their new hats

Cute Potato #1 and #2 in their new hats

Here at Cute Potato,
we love our local toy and gift shops, but sometimes, the budget takes precedent.

So on a rainy Sunday, after hours of being cooped up in the house, we piled the team into the car and drove south to the Family Dollar Store. Yes, you heard us right. You need to pick and choose wisely (just how old is that bag of popcorn?) but check out the fireman hats we found. They’re surprisingly sturdy and resulted in hours of imaginative play.

The kids also discovered Wiffle ball bats, colorful beach pails and shovels. And we stocked up on hair brushes, which always seem to be in short supply at our house.

Cheap? Sure. But definitely worth a visit.

Family Dollar Store, 752 Riverside Drive, Portland

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