Yarmouth Clam Festival Highlights

ycf_logoSummer festivals are not for wimpy parents. There are crowds, children running in two different directions, long lines and the great emptying of wallets.

To help, we’re offering our guide to one of the summer’s biggest fetes: The Yarmouth Clam Festival. Yes, it is clam-tastic, as the brochure promotes, but we do have our favorites.

The Friday night Clam Festival Parade is always a treat. There are a lot of Shriners in tiny cars, which never gets old. And the homemade floats made by local organizations are fun to look at. The Cute Potato kids enjoy the local bands and music, too.

We also love the Pink Elephant Sale, which features great buys on used books. It’s fun to come home with an armload of books for the kids without spending more than $5.00. Just be sure to get there at 10:00 a.m.

And while Lime Rickeys and fried food are tempting, the Cute Potato gang always stops at the First Parish church (near Rosemont) for homemade slices of pie. The church is tucked away from the crowds, and you and your family can sit at a picnic table and share dessert.

First time to Yarmouth? The historic town has many family-friendly restaurants and shops to discover. On Main Street, look for Royal River Books,  Gather (with kids’ play area), and the ice cream window at Handy’s Market. And on Route 1, we adore Bruce’s Burritos, Island Treasure Toys and Clayton’s Café.

Happy clamming.


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