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Just one of many sweet prints from Calobee Doodles

We love good design at Cute Potato. And while we wish we had artistic know-how of our own (finger painting not included), we knew we needed help.

Thanks to the talents of Orono-based Mom and designer, Caroline Moore of Calobee Doodles, our masthead is a whole lot cuter. Of course, we loved Cute Potato #2 in his cowboy hat, but who needed to see our old heating grate and Boppy pillow in the background, anyway?

Back to Caroline, we discovered her on the Etsy Maine Team site and we’re so glad we did. Not only did we enlist her services for a custom design, but we also plan on purchasing a few prints from her Etsy site for Cute Potato #1 and #2’s bedrooms. The hard part will be deciding which print to choose, one is cuter than the next!

Interested in Caroline’s work? You can find her at calobeedoodles.com.

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CP #2 pretends he's a part of the Maine DOT

CP #2 pretends he’s a part of the Maine DOT

Team Cute Potato traveled to the state capital this weekend for the sole purpose of checking out the Children’s Discovery Museum. The museum was surprisingly low key on a Sunday afternoon, and who wouldn’t love the ticket price? Admission is just $4.00 per potato, and $5.00 per adult. Best of all, the kids could visit each play space and stay awhile. The CDM is filled with cool stuff, including a real bulldozer, hard hats, safety goggles and a pipeline slide. We also loved the Rainforest room, complete with fish tank, kettledrum, bongos and an African xylophone.

CP#1 shops Hannaford's in sparkly dress-up duds

CP#1 shops Hannaford’s in sparkly dress-up duds

Much like the Children’s Museum in Portland, there’s a tree house, Hannaford’s Supermarket with working register, diner, puppet theatre and dress up clothing. Kids will also enjoy the bank, nautical room and campsite.

From nearly every window, the museum has great views of the Kennebec River, where you’ll find a beautiful park called the Eastside Boat Landing. The park offers a playground and picnic tables—the perfect spot to enjoy lunch with your family after your visit.

Note: As of 10/5/09, the Children’s Discovery Museum Water Street location is closed. The museum is moving to a new space in November. Check the CDM’s site for details.

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A Child's Day by Ida Pearle

A Child’s Day by Ida Pearle

We were fans of Rock, Paper, Scissors in Wiscasset (aka Maine’s prettiest village) before the Cute Potatoes arrived. Now, we love RPS even more for the unique toys, books, games and gift ideas the store offers. On a recent trip, we spotted brightly colored Tubtrugs bins—perfect for playroom storage or in the garage. And we picked up a beautifully illustrated alphabet book by Ida Pearle for our friend’s new baby. You’ll also find Cute Potato favorites like Red Cap cotton onesies, Crocodile Creek bibs, games from Eeboo, plus well-designed toys from Kid o and Flen Sted paper mobiles.

Rock, Paper, Scissors
78 Main Street

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Libby & Sons U-Picks in Limerick is a Cute Potato favorite for blueberry picking this season. The highbush berries are plentiful and easy for the wee ones to pick (most of the ripe fruit is at the lower branches). We chose traditional Jersey Blues, which are sweet and delicious, and Blue Crop, a larger, tangier variety. The 40-acre farm also offers apples and with luck, peaches next summer. There are several picnic tables shaded by apple trees if you want to bring lunch and stay awhile. And trust us, you will.

Owners Mary, Mike and Aaron Libby are some of the nicest and most accommodating people we’ve met. Don’t miss their homemade blueberry donuts—the perfect treat after an afternoon of berry picking.

Libby & Sons U-Picks

86 Sawyer Mountain Road

Call ahead or visit their web site to check best days for picking.

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maesOn yet another rainy day, the Cute Potato gang descended on Mae’s Café in Bath—hungry, cranky and wet. The staff set us up in our very own room (smart!), the waitress promptly took our order and CP #1 and #2 ran around the table while we waited for our food. What could have been a potential disaster became a pleasant lunch. What more could a parent ask for?

At Mae’s, there are many healthy options for the little ones, although ours are on a grilled cheese and french fries kick. But the best part, for adults and kids alike, are Mae’s phenomenal baked goods. Our personal favorite is the blueberry cake, which to quote a New Jersey relative, is TDF (to die for). And the oatmeal, cranberry and white chocolate chip cookies, which the kids devoured during the drive home, are really yummy, too.


160 Centre Street
Bath, Maine 04530

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