Children’s Discovery Museum: Augusta

CP #2 pretends he's a part of the Maine DOT

CP #2 pretends he’s a part of the Maine DOT

Team Cute Potato traveled to the state capital this weekend for the sole purpose of checking out the Children’s Discovery Museum. The museum was surprisingly low key on a Sunday afternoon, and who wouldn’t love the ticket price? Admission is just $4.00 per potato, and $5.00 per adult. Best of all, the kids could visit each play space and stay awhile. The CDM is filled with cool stuff, including a real bulldozer, hard hats, safety goggles and a pipeline slide. We also loved the Rainforest room, complete with fish tank, kettledrum, bongos and an African xylophone.

CP#1 shops Hannaford's in sparkly dress-up duds

CP#1 shops Hannaford’s in sparkly dress-up duds

Much like the Children’s Museum in Portland, there’s a tree house, Hannaford’s Supermarket with working register, diner, puppet theatre and dress up clothing. Kids will also enjoy the bank, nautical room and campsite.

From nearly every window, the museum has great views of the Kennebec River, where you’ll find a beautiful park called the Eastside Boat Landing. The park offers a playground and picnic tables—the perfect spot to enjoy lunch with your family after your visit.

Note: As of 10/5/09, the Children’s Discovery Museum Water Street location is closed. The museum is moving to a new space in November. Check the CDM’s site for details.

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  1. wow – we were there earlier this summer and somehow missed the construction zone – maybe it’s new.

    It is a nice place – very low-key, and much smaller than Portland.

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