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Note: Portland Whole Foods no longer hosts a Sunday Jazz Brunch, but they do host some great events geared towards families. Visit their events calendar or Facebook page to learn more. 

We don’t shop at the Portland Whole Foods as often as we’d like, but when we do visit the all too tempting store, it feels like an event—a nice break in our Groundhog Day like shopping routine.

So you can imagine how thrilled we were when the Whole Foods Café brought back its Sunday Jazz Brunch. Not long ago, we carried CP #1 and CP #2’s craft supplies to the café, found ourselves a generously-sized table, listened to live music and sipped coffee. Heaven.

The café is open and brightly lit, making the Maine winter feel a bit sunnier. And the menu, while standard fare, is affordable. The four of us had brunch for less than $30. Dad Potato stretched our Whole Dollar by purchasing a few items in-store and delivering them to our table. The meal included fruit, yogurt, bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, an egg sandwich, coffee, soymilk and hot cocoa for the kiddos. Hey, we like to eat.

By the time brunch was over, CP #1 and #2 were ready to cut a rug. A few other potatoes joined our duo, and even with all the foot traffic at the café, no one seemed to mind the impromptu dance party.

At the Whole Foods Sunday Brunch, kids can be kids and parents can feel like adults. A visit is well worth the price.

Whole Foods Cafe
2 Somerset Street

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A colorful apron from Leah Durgin

Happy New Year to our friends and readers—we’ve missed you. Like so many families, we’re trying to get back to our regular routine after a busy holiday, while mentally preparing for the long winter ahead.

When it’s too chilly to play outside, one of our favorite housebound activities is to cook or bake something new. That’s why we love these child-size aprons from Quilt and Quest in Sabattus. Grandma Potato gave them as Christmas gifts, and CP #1 and #2 couldn’t wait to give them a test run. Apron designer Leah Durgin includes seven easy recipes for little ones to try. We didn’t even have to crack open a cookbook. Our personal favorite? No Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies.

Durgin’s aprons are only $10 each, and the pockets are easy to fill with cooking accessories (Grandma Potato included a wire whisk, wooden spoon and spatula). Visit the Quilt and Quest site and you’ll also find art and gardening aprons in fun, vivid prints.

Now all we need are coordinating chef’s hats….

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