Making Mother’s Day Memories

We don’t know about you, but every year, Mother’s Day seems to sneak up on us. Team Cute Potato is left scrambling to find a gift that is equal parts thoughtful and practical. This year, we are thanking the gift gods for guiding us towards the Giant Tub of Sparklyness—a simple jar made for capturing memories.

Victoria Scanlan Stefankos, our friend and homesteading momma extraordinaire, wanted to find a way to record her children’s most memorable moments. Inspired by her son’s description of a nearby lake, she returned home and created the Giant Tub.

Each time your little one says something quotable, you write it down and place the quote inside the jar. Grandma Potato spends a lot of time with the kiddos, so we thought the Giant Tub of Sparklyness would be a great way to record her best memories.

Visit Victoria’s blog, Project Homestead, for details on how you can purchase one of your own.

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