Fun in the Mud

Team Cute Potato is looking forward to Plow Day at Deri Farm in North Yarmouth this Saturday. Last year, the weather was a little gloomy, but CP#1 and #2 didn’t mind. Our duo loved running around the muddy fields with scores of other children. After peeling them away from their new found friends, we hopped on board a horse drawn wagon for a short ride to the Skyline Farm Carriage Museum.

Originally scheduled for 5/8, Plow Day will take place this Saturday

The museum is worth checking out—many of the antique carriages date back to the 1800’s. This year, the featured exhibit is inspired by the children’s classic, Black Beauty, by Anna Sewell.

The highlight of the event is the hard-working teams of draft horses that plow the fields for planting season. Friends from the Farmers Draft Horse, Mule and Pony Club of Maine will be on hand to answer questions from curious kids.

Farmer Justin Deri is planning a seed guessing contest for aspiring young gardeners, and he’ll have seedlings to plant, so kids can get their hands dirty, too.

One word of advice: don’t forget your Wellies!

Plow Day, Saturday, May 15
9 a.m.-noon
Free admission

Deri Farm at Skyline Carriage Museum
95 The Lane
North Yarmouth

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