The Sweetest Story

Today, Team Cute Potato discovered the wonderful book, Thanks to the Animals, by Allen Sockabasin—a musician and storyteller from the Passamaquoddy tribe. The story is about a family traveling by bobsled from their seaside home to their woodland shelter for the winter. While making the journey, the youngest family member, an infant boy named Zoo Sap, tumbles off the sled without anyone noticing. The baby is left alone in the cold, but is soon cared for by an unlikely cast of characters. One by one, a beaver, a moose, a bear and more creatures emerge from the forest and encircle Zoo Sap.

When his father realizes Zoo Sap is missing, he travels through the night to find his son. By sunrise, he is overjoyed to discover the baby safe and sound, surrounded by woodland friends.

Sockabasin’s story is lovely on its own, but with the addition of Blue Hill artist Rebekah Raye’s illustrations, Thanks to the Animals is sure to become a favorite.

PS: If you’re like us, you’ll want to listen to Sockabasin tell the story in his native language. His publisher, Tilbury House, offers the audio version online.

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