To Toots, With Love

We’re fortunate to have many wonderful homemade ice cream establishments in Maine, but if we had to choose one, Toots in North Yarmouth would be our favorite. Cones, shakes and sundaes are served from an old caboose. The creative flavors are many and fun.

Just a few of the flavors available at Toots

This season, MP is loving Chocolate Whoopie Pie – a heavenly mix of chocolate ice cream, whoopie pie pieces, marshmallow and fudge swirls. CP#2 has ventured from plain chocolate to Chocolate Dipped Strawberry. DP tried decadent Extremely Black Raspberry, which is made of black raspberry ice cream, swirls of black raspberry puree and chunks of dark chocolate. And CP #1 likes the kids’ classic: vanilla with rainbow sprinkles.

Another favorite flavor is Pig Pen: coffee ice cream with Oreo cookies

After we devour our cones, the team likes to tour the Toots family farm, which is home to some enormous cows (we’re talking Guinness Book of World Records). The kids love to visit with the bunnies, sheep, goats and check out all the impressive farm equipment. If we let them, CP#1 and #2 could easily spend hours running around Toots.

Usually we coax our duo into leaving with the promise that we’ll be back again. And we will, happily, for the rest of the summer.

Toots Ice Cream
137 Walnut Hill Road
North Yarmouth

For hours, visit:

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