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MP loves simple craft projects. And thanks to a wonderfully crafty Mom at preschool, she discovered how to make this paper bag scarecrow. The team is thinking ours will be a fun, fall gift for the grandparents.

You’ll need:

• Paper lunch bag
• Newspaper
• Approx. 20-inch stick from the backyard
• Fall leaves
• Ribbon
• Wiggle eyes
• Felt (cut into a triangle)
• Magic marker
• Craft paper
• Small bowl of Elmer’s glue
• Paintbrush
• Spanish moss (found at craft & floral supply shops)

To make your scarecrow, first open the paper lunch bag and stuff the inside with newspaper. Carefully place the stick inside the bag (behind the stuffing). Cut ribbon to desired length. Gather the opening of the bag around the stick, and tie the ribbon around both.

Next, glue on the wiggle eyes and felt nose. Draw in the eyebrows and smile with a magic marker.

CP#2 used a glue stick, but applying Elmer's with a paintbrush creates a better hold

If your child wants a hat, cut out any size or shape you like. Glue on the hat to the left corner of the scarecrow’s head. Then glue on a leaf or leaves for a colorful embellishment.

CP#2's poses with his scarecrow pre-hair

Brush glue over the flat top of the lunch bag. Press and hold the Spanish moss on the glued section for a few seconds to make sure it sticks (you may have to reapply glue in a few places to get the moss to hold).

All done!

Hope your family enjoys making scarecrows as much as we did. As always, if you have any easy fall craft projects you’d like to share, pass them along. We love hearing from you.

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Note: The Wilcox Family retired from pumpkin farming in 2014. Check out what they’re doing with the farm in this Boston Globe feature.

Every autumn, the team visits Intervale Farm in New Gloucester to select our pumpkins (both edible and ornamental). The historic farm is simply gorgeous this time of year. There are over 80 varieties of pumpkins, winter squash and gourds in deep oranges, yellows, forest greens and reds. CP#1 and #2 love the farm because there are so many great choices for jack-o-lanterns. There’s also a fun, outdoor museum of gourds and giant pumpkins for kids and their grown-ups to explore.

MP and DP enjoy Intervale because it’s like shopping at a great wine or bookstore. Owners Jan and Carl Wilcox take time to describe each and every squash and pumpkin on handwritten cards, so buyers can make informed selections. (more…)

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The Common Ground Country Fair is happening this weekend, and the team is looking forward to returning for some serious fall fun.

The kids were just one- and two-years old when we last visited Unity. We brought a compact stroller along for the trip, even if it meant cramming it into the wagon that transports families to the entrance. If your children are older, walk the woodland path to the CGF. It’s a short hike and definitely worth the added time. The large pine trees that line the trail are dare we say, magical.

When you arrive at the entrance, grab your tickets, as well as a map of the fairgrounds. If you are really efficient, print out the map before you go.

Walk directly to the Children’s Area and try not to be tempted by the incredible array of food, crafts, and gardening information available. Your kids will thank you. You will thank you. The crafts and activities in the kids’ section are so much fun. You’ll be glad to get there early to avoid lines. At 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. each day, there’s also a colorful, garden parade. Sign up if you can. It’s hard to resist little kids dressed as veggies. (more…)

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Every once and awhile, Mom Potato starts feeling claustrophobic in her own home. This month, DP took down CP#2’s crib and moved him into a room with his sister. The result? It looked like a mighty wind came through the second floor of our house. There were toys, books and clothes everywhere. Argh.

Thankfully, there are wonderful organizations like Maine’s Freecycle Network to help Type A moms like MP. She was happy to donate CP#2’s like new mattress and crib accessories to MFN. And it was so easy! All she had to do was post, answer a few emails and within a day, the mattress had a new home.

Curious to learn more about Freecycle? Check out their web site to find a group near you (there are 24 networks throughout the state).

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There’s no denying it: the team at Cute Potato clearly has a thing for homemade donuts. Over the past year, we’ve highlighted our favorites, including made to order donuts at the French Press in Westbrook, as well as the unique flavors available at the Kennebec Café in Fairfield.

Rounding out our donut stop du jour is the fabulously old school Congdon’s Doughnuts. The team stopped by the Wells-based, family restaurant for brunch and it’s clear the staff are experts when it comes to kid-friendly dining.

When we entered, Congdon’s display cases were overflowing with donuts, pastries, muffins, bagels and homemade breads. We knew right away making a choice was going to take some time.

While waiting to be seated, CP #1 and #2 were thrilled to discover a bench made for the younger set. After no more than 5 minutes, our hostess guided us through the dining area, which is spacious and casual. At noon on Saturday, many of the booths and tables were occupied, so we were pleasantly surprised by the short wait.

CP #2 checks out a magazine while waiting…


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Yes the kids are back in school. And yes, it is quite a bit cooler outside, but technically fall doesn’t begin until September 23. With that date in mind, the team is heading to the beach this weekend. We won’t be swimming, mind you, but we will be watching hundreds of kites take to the skies at the Ogunquit Kite Festival.

CP#1 practices her kite flying technique

Beyond checking out kites of all kinds, CP#1 and #2 are looking forward to the morning kite building workshop. The Ogunquit Rotary Club will provide 300 free kits, so that kids can design their own kites. And little ones will be awarded prizes for their creations.

According to the folks at the Ogunquit Chamber of Commerce, the popular event draws big crowds, so be sure to get there early for kite making. Or arrive at noon when the sky is bursting with color.

Ogunquit Kite Festival
Saturday, September 11
10 a.m. -2:00 p.m.
Ogunquit Beach
Directions to the beach

Note: While the event is free, beach parking can cost up to $20 per day, so carpool if you can.

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DJ Lance and his orange track suit. The Dancey Dance. Cool tricks. What’s not to love about Nickelodeon’s award-winning Yo Gabba Gabba?

Tootie, Foofa, Muno, DJ Lance, Brobee and Plex perform Friday, Sept. 24

The team is thrilled the live show is coming to Portland’s Merrill Auditorium this month. There will be music, singing, plenty of dancing and to MP’s delight, Biz Markie will be performing his “Beat of the Day.” And our friends at Yo Gabba Gabba promise there will be surprise special guests, too. We’d love to see the Aggrolites perform their super silly reggae song, “Banana.” Then again we’d be equally excited to see the Aquabats sing, “Pool Party.” How about you? Tell us which Super Music Friend you’d like to see perform, and you could win four tickets to the 11 a.m. show. One lucky winner will be chosen at random. Contest ends Friday, September 10. Good luck!

Yo Gabba Gabba! Live!
Friday, September 24
Merrill Auditorium

11 a.m., 5 p.m.
Box office:
FMI: https://tickets.porttix.com/

PS: Does your child have a cool trick fit for the show? Enter Yo Gabba Gabba’s Cool Tricks contest by Tuesday, September 14. Simply upload a :30-:60 second video demonstrating your little one’s Cool Trick on the Yo Gabba Gabba Facebook page. You could win the opportunity to receive a VIP Family 4-Pack and have your winning video played during intermission. CP#1 and #2 are particularly good at procrastinating at bedtime. Too bad that doesn’t translate to video!

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