Bar Harbor’s Proper Topper

There’s something especially cute about a little boy in a cap. CP# 2 prefers his papa’s hat of choice—a wool flat cap DP wears around town.

CP #2 emulating his papa

MP has been in search of a cap CP#2 can call his own. Thankfully, Dory Smith Graham of Bar Harbor’s Worthy Goods makes colorful, functional hats for kids and adults. We especially love the whimsical fabrics and patterns she uses for her designs. Her soft, cotton hats are cozy and washable, making them all the more kid-friendly.


One of Graham’s many cute & colorful caps (photo courtesy of Worthy Goods)

We’re fans of these organic cotton trapper hats, too (photo courtesy of Worthy Goods)

You can find Graham’s Worthy Goods shop here. Or, if you want to see the hats up close—visit her booth at the Picnic Holiday Sale in Portland.

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