Wintery Thank You Notes

CP#1 and #2 were very fortunate over the holidays, receiving all kinds of surprises from dear friends, aunts, uncles and grandparents. To show our appreciation, we decided to make some homemade thank you notes, using colorful paper snowflakes plus a pack of blank cards and envelopes.

At age 4, CP# 1 loved cutting out snowflakes (in fact, we have quite a stockpile of them for future projects). Three-year old CP#2, on the other hand, served as our resident glue stick expert.

To makes these cards at home, you’ll need:

• 5.5″ x 5.5″ origami paper (we found ours at Rainbow Toys in Falmouth)

• Scissors

• Clear glue stick

• Pack of cards and envelopes (ours were 4″ x 5.5″ and on sale at A.C. Moore)

1) To start, fold the origami paper into 4 squares and cut along the folded lines:

2) Fold one small square in half into a triangle. Do the same two more times:

3) For a circular snowflake, cut a half circle on one side of your triangle (be careful not to cut the folded edge):

4) Now cut simple patterns on the sides of your triangle:

5) Unfold your snowflake and glue them on to the cards. Younger children, like CP#2, may also like to add sparkle to the snowflake with glitter glue.

CP#1 proudly shows off her snowflake

DP’s intricate snowflake

We love how the cards look, and hope our friends and relatives will enjoy them, too.

Our finished cards

PS: For another fun, snowflake technique, visit Martha Stewart Kids.

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