Pirates, Ho!

CP#2 is gaga over pirates lately, thanks in part to Grandma Cookie, who treated him to a treasure chest, eye patch, sword, captain’s hat, hoop earrings and more pirate paraphernalia. So it is no surprise that our young captain thoroughly enjoys Sarah L. Thomson’s Pirates, Ho!








Looks like Captain Jack Sparrow has some competition…








The Portland-based children’s author creates a lively cast of characters who take great pride in their pirating abilities. That is, until a ghostly figure has the crew trembling in their sleeping quarters.

The story’s spirited rhyme is especially fun to read aloud. And the team likes to raise their voices in unison for the main chorus: “We are pirates! Pirates, ho!”

Be forewarned: after a rousing reading of Pirates, Ho! you may have to calm your crew before bedtime.

For more on author Sarah L. Thomson, visit her site.

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