Local Sprouts Cafe

Note: The Bomb Diggity Bakery is currently located in Windham. 

On Sunday, the team met friends for brunch at Local Sprouts Café in Portland. MP had heard good things from a trusted friend and was thrilled to find he was right. The community supported, teaching kitchen aims to connect its members—as well as the general public—to seasonal, local food.

Upon entering the café, CP#1 and #2 both gasped, “Wow!” Look at this place!” There are painted murals on the walls, fanciful lighting, handwritten notes from customers of all ages and most importantly, a wonderful play area—complete with wooden veggies, a tool bench, books, a play sink and dress-ups.

CP#1 and #2 spend time together in the play area

The kids played while MP and DP considered the choices from the Bomb Diggity Bakery, which shares space with Local Sprouts. We were pleased to find the bakery has gluten-free options, too, including breads and cookies.

Tempting treats from the Bomb Diggity Bakery

The breakfast menu offers egg sandwiches, buckwheat pancakes and Huevos rancheros, all of which can be ordered at the counter. We chose a blueberry muffin for CP#2, grilled cheese on thick, GF bread for CP#1, Huevos rancheros for MP and pancakes for DP. Then we filled up our mugs with Speckled Ax Coffee and chatted with our friends while the kids played nearby.

And the food? Everything we had was hearty and flavorful. MP’s eggs came with a generous helping of beans and corn tortillas. And DP’s pancakes, also known as Ployes, were light, fluffy and topped with berries. CP#2 devoured his muffin. His sister, on the other hand, relished in her hot chocolate—beautifully made with steamed whole milk. Not so surprisingly, she forgot all about her sandwich.

At Local Sprouts, patrons know exactly where their food comes from

For families, Local Sprouts is a dream. The food is fresh and well-priced, the relaxed counter service is welcome (as is the free flowing coffee) and the atmosphere is perfect for kids. Our advice? Get there before 10:30 a.m. on the weekend—the café fills up fast.

To learn more about Local Sprouts Cafe, visit here.

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