Curing Cabin Fever

The team has been home sick for the past few days, and MP is feeling guilty about the number of times she’s resorted to our Netflix queue for entertainment. To compensate, she brainstormed 5 fun activities that can be done while sitting comfortably on the couch with a TV tray:

1. Create shapes with Wikki Stix

We first discovered Wikki Stix (made out of yarn and wax) at the Kids Travel Happy Store in Bethel. Since then, these colorful, bendable sticks have saved us during road trips, meals out and days like today, when we’re housebound. They’re so handy, the Miss Portland Diner hands them out to young guests instead of crayons.

Wikki Stix are great to have on hand at home

2. Play with Eco-Dough

If don’t mind getting dough crumbs on the sofa, try Portland-based Eco-Kids molding dough. Eco-dough is made of all-natural ingredients, so it’s safe for little hands. And we love that the company offers a gluten-free version, too.

Eco-kids uses fruit, plant & vegetable extracts for their colorful dough

Or if you prefer, make your own dough at home. The team’s preschool regularly uses this simple recipe:

1-cup flour
1-cup water
1-Tbsp oil
1/2-cup salt
2-Tbsp cream of tartar
Food coloring

Mix everything and cook on the stovetop until the dough comes together. Take the dough out of the pan and while it’s still hot, knead for a few minutes until smooth.

3. Make your own puppet

Paper lunch bags, google eyes, pipe cleaners, buttons and a glue stick are all you need to make a quick, puppet making kit. Don’t have the time? Pick up a Little Hands Puppet Kit from Alex Toys. Independent shops like Rainbow Toys in Falmouth offer a wonderful selection or try craft stores like A.C. Moore.

Super cute puppets made with an Alex Toys craft kit

4. Make a bracelet or necklace

Set up a few bowls of beads on a tray. Use a stopper at the end of the string, so beads don’t slip off (we clip on a barrette). Caravan Beads (Portland)and Beads on the Kennebec (Augusta) provide fun supplies for jewelry making. If you don’t have beads at home, try stringing macaroni, colorful buttons or Cheerios.

A sweet bracelet made by CP#1

5. Spell with alphabet magnets

We love these super cute magnets from Saco-based Etsy shop, Magnificent 4U. Simply stick the letters to a metal TV tray, or if your little one is feeling better, have fun spelling words on the refrigerator.

We’re fans of these vintage-looking alphabet magnets

We hope these ideas help keep your team busy! And fingers-crossed for a healthier week ahead.

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  1. Thanks for the great ideas. After coffee, I am off to order some alphabet magnets for upcoming birthdays; so gorgeous.

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