The Mosquito Ice Cream Shop

The team at Cute Potato likes to think we are ice cream connoisseurs. We have our favorite stands, but any chance we get, the CP family enjoys trying new places. We were so glad to have discovered the Mosquito in Raymond. First, who can resist the fun name? Co-owner Travis McClellan says he named the shop after a whimsical gift exchanged between his parents: a giant, metal mosquito sculpture made by local artist Lou Mastro.

The ice cream flavors at the Mosquito, a.k.a Swamp Food, are equally fun. There’s Caramel Caribou: a decadent toffee ice cream with golden caramel and chocolate caramel cups; Strawberry Cheesecake: cream cheese flavored ice cream with a strawberry swirl; and MP’s personal favorite, Triple Chocolate Ecstasy: chocolate ice cream with a fudge swirl and dark chocolate chips. Sorbet, frozen yogurt and sugar-free ice cream are also on the menu.

CP#2 enjoys a strawberry ice cream with big chunks of fresh strawberries.

DP’s yummy, Keeper-sized ice cream cone

Travis and his partner, D’arcy Foley are passionate about their business and it shows. The ice cream shop and its grounds are immaculate. You’ll find a lovely screened in porch with a few tables that overlook the backyard, as well as outdoor seating  (as long as you don’t mind a few real mosquitoes). Either way, it’s impossible to leave the Mosquito without smiling.

The back porch at the Mosquito in Raymond

The Mosquito
1333 Roosevelt Trail

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