Maine Buoy Bats

While MP and the kids were exploring the Yarmouth Clam Festival, CP#2 pointed out a brightly colored booth. “Look at all the buoys,” he said, tugging on MP’s hand. Upon closer inspection, we learned that the buoys were in fact baseball bats. CP#2 was enthralled. He grabbed a Buoy Bat and asked MP to pitch to him. The beauty of the bat is the nice, wide sweet spot. If CP#2 had his way, we would have stayed at the Buoy Sports booth for hours (though several unsuspecting passers-by were hit by foam balls).

CP#2 takes a test swing…

These super cool bats are the brainchild of Buoy Bill Page, and his wife, Sue. Bill discovered a buoy that washed up on the beach with a long handle through its center. Bill pitched his ten-year old daughter a tennis ball, and asked her to swing the buoy like a bat. Voila! The idea for the Maine Buoy Bat was born.

Each bat is made with a real lobster buoy and a hardwood handle.

The CP team has a family reunion coming up, and MP thought the bat would be a great thing to bring along. Plus, Bill and Sue sell recycled rope bases, too…. perfect for an impromptu backyard buoy ball game.

MP loves these nifty bases.

To learn more about Buoy Sports visit their web site or Facebook page.

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