Egg Carton Valentine’s Day Cards

Egg cartons and valentines? We know, the two just don’t seem to jive. But if you’re looking to make homemade cards with your family, you’ll love this simple project.

All you need is a styrofoam egg carton, scissors, washable paint, brushes, and blank cards. Cut the lid of your egg carton into small squares or a rectangle. Next have your little one punch holes in the styrofoam to create a design. CP#2 used the end of his paintbrush, but wooden sticks (used for scratch art) work well, too.

Once the design is in place, paint the foam cutouts until they’re completely covered. Next, place the cutout design-side down on the blank card. Press down firmly for 30 seconds. Lift the cutout up slowly and voila! the design is stamped on to the card.

When your little one is done using one paint color, wash the styrofoam square under warm water. Dry the cutout with a paper towel and it’s ready to use again.

We hope you and your family enjoy this project as much as we did. Happy Valentine’s Day card making! xo, MP

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