Elevation Burger: South Portland, Maine

MP doesn’t usually take the kids to fast food restaurants (with the exception of an occasional soft serve or juice box on the road) but she’s not opposed to a good hamburger. That’s why South Portland’s newest restaurant, Elevation Burger, caught her eye. Local dads and business partners Mark Caron and Chris DiMillo decided to open the franchise due in part to the company’s commitment to quality ingredients.

Kids will enjoy watching their food being prepared in the open kitchen.

Chris DiMillo and Mark Caron of Elevation Burger

All Elevation Burgers are made from certified organic, grass-fed, free-range beef. The tempting, fresh-cut fries are cooked in olive oil. Grilled cheese, made with 6-month aged cheddar, and two kinds of veggie burgers are also on the menu. Parents will appreciate the healthy options for kids, including organic, white milk and Mandarin oranges.

The restaurant also supports local businesses (love that). Visitors will find a cooler stocked with handcrafted beverages from Maine Root.

Of course, it’s hard to visit Elevation Burger and not try the hand-scooped shakes and malts. MP ordered a shake made with chocolate ice cream and strawberries, which was thick, creamy, and loaded with real fruit. Yum.

The shakes are well worth the splurge… just look at the delicious options!

Elevation Burger
85 Western Avenue
South Portland

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  1. Have been craving a tasty & healthy burger! Would LOVE to check out Elevation Burger with my two little ones & husband!

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  2. From a gal who rarely allows her family to eat red meat given all of the antiobiotics, processing and issues….this place is too good to be true. My boys would love this.

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  3. Wow. Sounds like the perfect fit for our community. I’m looking forward to my family’s first visit! What a great concept- I hope it spreads!!

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  4. This place sounds amazing! My kids certainly love their burgers and fries (and so do the parents). Would love to try it out!

  5. Yum, thanks for the review – we drive by this place all the time, but haven’t tried it yet. It looks like “In-n-Out” that on the west coast. Can’t wait to try it!

  6. My two children and I drove by there today! I was tempted to stop but had yet to hear anything about it! Glad to read this and we will be stopping there very soon!!

  7. I’m so excited for you guys!! It’s just what portland needed!! We will surely be in soon!! Can’t wait!!

  8. This article is making me drool – I now want Elevation Burger! Yum, a healthy, tasty burger is just what I want 🙂

  9. I can’t aait to try this Elevation! I used to live in Northern VA, so clearly Elevation speaks to me! My only crisis: straight coffee shake or vanilla w mango and strawberry! Eeeeeek, help! 🙂

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  10. The best burgers around and the fries fried in olive oil is a good tasting change too. When you go there you must try the shakes too. mmmmmmmmmmm

  11. Great food! It is the only place that we don’t have to nag our kids to eat! My 2 year old polished off a whole burger and my 5 year old ate a burger and a half! they didn’t even touch the fries until after they had eaten the burger. The burgers were just too good! Beef that tastes like beef, and is juicy not dry, novel idea, right?!? The food is wonderful and the staff super nice. Try it and you won’t be disappointed. Now we have 2 healthy places to eat a fast meal in So Po…we sure are “Movin’ in up!” 🙂

  12. I can’t wait to try it out with the kids! Seems like a decent selection, and offers more than 5 guys does so I’m game to check it out!! 🙂

  13. We love burgers but love eating well even more! This sounds like the perfect place to try!! Hope we get picked!!:)

  14. wow…great review – would love to bring my granddaughter there….she eats very healthy & I love the organic, local ingredients they use!!

  15. Our family went last weekend – delicious! SO happy to have another place to go for a quick, healthy and socially responsible meal that everyone enjoys…oh, and the kids thought the soda machine was pretty cool too!

  16. Hope to see more Maine farms on the menu, many of Maine’s farmers
    can grow organic grass fed beef and there are cheese makers who make a mighty fine Cheddar for grilling. And bakeries make great breads and buns here,
    too. Let’s try the food, OK?

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  17. We have gone to Elevation Burger three times since they opened – Yummy! The grilled cheese is a must try – unique in a great way!

  18. I absolutely love the idea behind Elevation burger, been there once and was good, its in my plans to go back for the longest but its just a little out of the way…. finally somewhere that we can get fast and healthy food! Thank you. 🙂

  19. I was excited to see Elevation Burger open in South Portland! I can’t wait to try it! Thank you for coming to Maine!

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