Scratch Baking Co.

There’s something about this time of year that makes MP crave caffeine and carbohydrates. And what better place to satisfy that desire than South Portland’s Scratch Baking Co.? The artisan bakery in Willard Square is a warm and welcoming place filled with every delight a carbohydrate-craving mama could hope for (in this case it was a Maine Sea Salt bagel).

Beautiful bagels from Scratch – no wonder patrons are limited to one dozen.

On the day we visited, MP was torn between her favorite bagel and this gorgeous pizza—just out of the oven and topped with goat cheese, black olives, and fresh basil.

To be fair, it’s easy to lose focus at Scratch with so many tempting goodies. CP#1 came in looking for a homemade English muffin, but was drawn to the display of incredibly large and delicious looking cookies, including crackled apple spice, chocolate chip, and peanut butter. Really, how can any person—child or adult—be disappointed here?

We left with a bag full of wonderful treats to share with the boys, including some bountiful and buttery homemade granola.

We had so much fun during out visit. And truly, what food loving family wouldn’t? According to the web site, the bakery’s goal is to throw a party every day. Mission accomplished—just look at the smiling faces of this sweet family from Cape Elizabeth.

Scratch Baking Co.
416 Preble St.
South Portland

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  1. Great pictures Jen! We go to Scratch Bakery at least once a week. We love the bagels, cookies, and carrot cake!

    1. Post

      That means so much coming from you.. thanks! Did I ever tell you I bought the camera you recommended? I love it. Still learning, though.

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