Edna & Lucy’s

Every so often, MP will drive past an intriguing restaurant, hoping one day she’ll finally have the time to check it out. This was the case with Edna & Lucy’s in Pownal. The little red restaurant, which is right near Bradbury Mountain State Park, is known for its incredible homemade donuts and ‘wicked good’ sandwiches. So on a Friday during winter vacation week, MP and the kids joined some friends at Edna & Lucy’s for an early lunch.

Step inside and the casual restaurant is painted in warm, earth tones—orange, cinnamon, and mustard yellow. There are rocking chairs, colorful local artwork on the walls, and an old sewing table displaying those highly touted donuts. The kids were instantly drawn to the treats, as you can imagine, but were promised a donut after they finished their lunch.

The day’s menu is posted on a black board. The kids all opted for hearty, turkey and cheese sandwiches with a slice of tomato on homemade bread. The kind staff noted that a full-size sandwich is quite large, so CP#1 and #2 decided on half-sandwiches. Each sandwich came with cucumber slices. Best of all, the food arrived fast, which was greatly appreciated by the two moms at the table.

MP and her friend ordered breakfast sandwiches with eggs, cheddar, and sausage. The focaccia bun was flavored with rosemary, which was a perfect complement to the savory eggs and sausage. We helped ourselves to coffee from Wicked Joe (also appreciated).

The room we dined in offered a few tables and counter seating by the window. It’s wide and spacious enough, so that little ones can roam around a little and be in view after they’ve finished lunch.

Afterwards, we all took our time choosing between a traditional or cruller-style donut. And wow, are they good! The inside of the donut is dense but remarkably moist, and there’s just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar.

We’re so glad we found this wonderful, family-friendly restaurant. And what better way to burn a few donut-infused calories than a hike up Bradbury Mountain after lunch?

Edna & Lucy’s
407 Hallowell Rd.

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