Mother’s Day Flowerpot

The kids have a stockpile of Highlights High Five magazines on their bookshelf. On rainy days, they’ll often revisit those magazines in search of an easy craft project. CP#1 and #2 wanted to try the Patchwork Flowerpot in the July 2011 issue, so we gave the project a go. All you need is a small terracotta pot, fabric glue, paintbrushes, and fabric scraps.

MP recommends cutting the scraps with fabric scissors in small squares ahead of time, and covering your table with newspaper or a vinyl mat. The kids glued the fabric pieces on their pots one square at a time. When they were finished with their pots, MP glued over the pieces that needed a little extra attention.

We found small Hydrangea plants at our local Hannaford, and added them to our pots for gifting. We think Grandma Patty and Grandma Cookie Potato will love these for Mother’s Day!

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