Family Walks: Littlejohn Island Preserve

Sometimes the Cute Potato team has the most fun together during family walks. And when we find a hidden gem to explore that’s just a stone’s throw from home? Even better. A friend recommended taking the kids to Littlejohn Island Preserve in Yarmouth, which can be easily reached by driving over Cousins Island Bridge, followed by Littlejohn Island Bridge. The preserve is tucked away in a private community, but there are signs for visitors to follow along the dirt road.

We walked a well-tended wooded, trail, which was easy for the kids to traverse. And miraculously, there were few mosquitoes, thanks in part to a sea breeze. Along the trail, the kids stopped and pointed out a few natural curiosities.

While we were there, the fog started to roll in and MP worried it might storm. Thankfully, we were treated to a few glimpses of the coastline before hot footing it back to the car.

After such a great experience, the team is inspired to explore more land trusts in our community this summer. Looking to find one near your home? Visit the Maine Land Trust Network for a full list by county.


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