Veggie Prints

At garden camp this week, the Cute Potato kids made homemade cards using sliced carrots, beets, eggplant, potatoes, and peppers as stamps. The counselors set up a simple working station with plates of tempera paint and colorful cards. MP enjoyed watching the kids create their own special patterns and designs.

Rainy Day Activities

It’s raining… again. And tomorrow’s forecast calls for more. What’s a parent to do? MP went through some of Cute Potato’s favorite rainy day activities to help: 1. Visit an Indoor Play Space Try Portland’s Greenlight Studio or The Rumpus Room in Brunswick. Also, don’t forget to check out your nearby libraries for fun children’s programs and free play.

Mother’s Day Flowerpot

The kids have a stockpile of Highlights High Five magazines on their bookshelf. On rainy days, they’ll often revisit those magazines in search of an easy craft project. CP#1 and #2 wanted to try the Patchwork Flowerpot in the July 2011 issue, so we gave the project a go. All you need is a small terracotta pot, fabric glue, paintbrushes, and fabric scraps.

Egg Carton Valentine’s Day Cards

Egg cartons and valentines? We know, the two just don’t seem to jive. But if you’re looking to make homemade cards with your family, you’ll love this simple project. All you need is a styrofoam egg carton, scissors, washable paint, brushes, and blank cards. Cut the lid of your egg carton into small squares or a rectangle. Next have your …

Alphabet Cookies for Friends

The Cute Potato family has been busy cooking, wrapping, baking, and preparing the house for guests this week. One of our favorite projects was baking these chocolate chip letter cookies for friends. Last year, Santa brought the kids a fun, Wilton alphabet cookie cutter set. CP#1 loved the idea of giving classmates a personalized letter cookie. She chose Nestle’s dark …

Gingerbread House Party

Every year, Grandma Cookie Potato organizes a festive gingerbread house party for family and friends. Grandma is a whiz when it comes to making, baking, and assembling these houses. She gave MP a gingerbread house bake set years ago, and MP still hasn’t mastered the patient art of rolling out gingerbread dough (or maybe she just needs to work on her …

Make Your Own Whoopie Pie T-Shirts

DP celebrated his 40th birthday yesterday. To surprise him, MP thought it would be fun to make t-shirts to commemorate the big day. She had this silly idea of creating a whoopie pie shirt that reads, “Whoopie! You’re 40.” Surprisingly, the shirts were so easy to make.

Smudge Art Studio

Before school started, MP found herself with no childcare and a deadline to meet. A friend recommended taking CP#1 and #2 to Smudge Art Studio in Freeport—a creative space for kids. To MP’s delight and surprise, owner Sarah Jacobs will entertain little ones with art projects for two hours. Parents are free to go! CP#1 and #2 were wide-eyed when …

Make a Backyard Birdhouse

While visiting the Merrill Memorial Library in Yarmouth, we spotted the Build a Better Birdhouse exhibit. The June exhibit featured birdhouses designed by Maine architects, but there were also some fun versions made by local children. The CP family is always looking for new ways to add color to the garden, so we thought, why not try decorating some birdhouses …

How to Compost

Many of our friends are composting at home, so the team thought it was high time we followed suit (translation: MP signed up to take a Saturday home composting class, while the rest of her crew stayed home and ate pancakes). The 90-minute class was held at our local transfer station by the gregarious Phil Hildebrandt; the Superintendent of Transfer & …