Maine Gardens to Visit for Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day this year, MP’s wish is for good weather and a breakfast visit to a local garden with coffee, croissants and a book in hand. If you’re also a mom in search of Sunday morning serenity, here are a few favorite Maine gardens to enjoy plus a few fun events for the weekend:

Asticou Azalea Garden

March 20 marked the first day of spring, and with this new season, comes good thoughts of May days, trees in bloom and gardens brimming with sweet new soil. And while we may have to wait a little longer for this collective greening in Maine, it’s nice to know these days are only weeks away. In particular, MP finds herself …

Veggie Prints

At garden camp this week, the Cute Potato kids made homemade cards using sliced carrots, beets, eggplant, potatoes, and peppers as stamps. The counselors set up a simple working station with plates of tempera paint and colorful cards. MP enjoyed watching the kids create their own special patterns and designs.

The Cutest Watering Can

With all of this beautiful sunny weather (finally), we have gardening on our minds. Of course, MP can’t help herself when it comes to fun garden finds. Check out this elephant watering can she discovered at our local hardware store: Too cute to pass up, right?

Mother’s Day Flowerpot

The kids have a stockpile of Highlights High Five magazines on their bookshelf. On rainy days, they’ll often revisit those magazines in search of an easy craft project. CP#1 and #2 wanted to try the Patchwork Flowerpot in the July 2011 issue, so we gave the project a go. All you need is a small terracotta pot, fabric glue, paintbrushes, and fabric scraps.

Make Your Own Garden Hat

Sometimes our best craft ideas are inspired by friends. A few weeks ago, CP#1’s classmate arrived at our local Children’s Garden Party in the cutest straw hat. Her mother found the hat in Target’s $1 bin, purchased ribbon, some artificial flowers and let her daughter do the decorating. We love simple craft projects like these, so the team went on …


Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Today, Team Cute Potato braved the crowds in Boothbay for the much-anticipated opening of the Bibby & Harold Alfond Children’s Garden. We missed the initial pomp and circumstance, which included opening remarks from Senator Susan Collins, Maine’s First Lady Karen Baldacci, a parade, ribbon cutting ceremony and the quick devouring of 500 cupcakes.

Sunflower Cupcakes

Last weekend, the Children’s Garden in our town held a wonderfully creative garden party for the kids. There were scarecrows to be made, printed cards to decorate, peas and carrots to pick and face painting a plenty. But what CP#1 and #2 loved best were the adorable, sunflower cupcakes. MP told them they could have just one, but she’s pretty …

Make Your Own Ladybug

While visiting the Children’s Garden in town over the weekend, Team Cute Potato discovered some great decorating ideas for our own plot. We especially loved this little, hand-painted lady bug.