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While visiting the Merrill Memorial Library in Yarmouth, we spotted the Build a Better Birdhouse exhibit. The June exhibit featured birdhouses designed by Maine architects, but there were also some fun versions made by local children.

The CP family is always looking for new ways to add color to the garden, so we thought, why not try decorating some birdhouses of our own? Here are a few from the library that provided inspiration:

MP liked the stripes painted on this cheerful birdhouse.

So sweet… one child painted ‘Welcome Birdies’ on her polka dot house.


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The team has been home sick for the past few days, and MP is feeling guilty about the number of times she’s resorted to our Netflix queue for entertainment. To compensate, she brainstormed 5 fun activities that can be done while sitting comfortably on the couch with a TV tray:

1. Create shapes with Wikki Stix

We first discovered Wikki Stix (made out of yarn and wax) at the Kids Travel Happy Store in Bethel. Since then, these colorful, bendable sticks have saved us during road trips, meals out and days like today, when we’re housebound. They’re so handy, the Miss Portland Diner hands them out to young guests instead of crayons.

Wikki Stix are great to have on hand at home


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We’ll be honest, Cute Potato #1 and #2 could use help in the manners department. They know how to say please and thank you, but don’t use these pleasantries as often as their parents would like. And while we’re on the subject, it would be nice if they showed a little more enthusiasm when it’s time to clean up. Just when our patience was beginning to wane, we discovered a great idea from Emilie Manhart’s One Mom in Maine blog.

Emilie purchased wooden boxes at the Bangor A.C. Moore, along with wooden hearts, to create a Good Behavior box. The idea? Whenever one of her children does something nice or noteworthy, a heart token goes in the box. Once a child collects 12 tokens, she’s treated to something special: a day out with Mom, an ice cream or a small toy.

The Good Behavior Box unfinished

We loved this idea and decided to make it a craft project. The team traveled to A.C. Moore in South Portland and found heart tokens, boxes and some wooden letters. The kids glued their letters on to the box lids and used acrylic paints to decorate them.

Heart tokens from A.C. Moore

The team enjoyed creating their Good Behavior boxes, and spent an hour painting quietly. CP #1, who is four, couldn’t wait to earn some hearts. She said “please” and “thank you” throughout dinner, and even offered to help Mom Potato clean up. Wow. Cute Potato #2, who will be three soon, was slower to catch on. Although this morning, he placed the pots he was using for drums back in the cabinet with little prompting. Double wow.

CP #1 at work

Orphaned container lids make great painter's palettes

CP# 2's finished work

Here’s hoping the good behavior continues! In the mean time, many thanks to Emilie… she’s our hero.

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