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MP had some serious ants in her pants earlier this month. When this happens, the family can bet on a road trip. Any change of scenery will do. We decided on a visit to The New Moon Restaurant  (aka DP’s new favorite breakfast place) followed by a trip to the Saco River Market.

The New Moon is in a cute yellow building with a high-pitched roof that looks straight out of a fairy tale. In March, the space was still decorated for the holidays, complete with garland hanging from the ceiling, snowman decorations, and white lights. But no matter. The breakfast menu looked promising. MP decided on eggs with feta, spinach, and a side of tomato hollandaise. CP#1 chose crepes with fresh strawberries. And DP ordered chicken waffles with gravy. CP#2 kept to his standard: chocolate chip pancakes and sausage.

Our food and coffee arrived quickly, which is always a good thing with hungry kids in tow. MP’s egg dish was filling and the creamy hollandaise added nice flavor. The meal also came with a healthy side of roasted potatoes and thick slices of Rye bread.



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MP never had Pop-Tarts growing up, which may be why she found herself attracted to Alana Chernila’s recipe for homemade Toaster Pastries. This is a great, lazy Sunday morning treat to try, and the whole family can help prepare them.




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