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If you’re a regular to Cute Potato, you know how much we adore Cathy Clicks photography. Scarborough photographer Cathy Davis, who is mom to four little ones, seems to effortlessly capture her subjects’ personalities. She’s patient, relaxed, and willing to try most any location. When the photo session is over, Cathy presents a bag of prizes to reward a job well done. So smart!




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Our friend, photographer Cathy Davis, guest posts today about her family’s recent visit to Acadia National Park:

My husband and I have always wanted to visit Acadia National Park. We’ve heard of the area’s beauty and peacefulness, but wondered if it was possible to enjoy the scenery with three children under 5. This fall, we traveled to Bar Harbor for an overnight trip to find out.

To our surprise, the whole family was able to enjoy Acadia’s serene and amazing views on our hike up Gorham Mountain.The parking lot and start to the trail is on the right after Thunder Hole on Park Loop Road. The trail is .9 miles to the summit.


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Note: Our friend Cathy Davis moved to Atlanta, GA in 2014 – lucky Atlanta parents! 

MP’s parents visited not long ago, and she thought getting some professional photos of the family would be a good idea. Enter our wonderful sponsor—photographer Cathy Davis of Cathy Clicks. Cathy kindly agreed to meet us on the Eastern Prom in Portland after 5 p.m. The weather cooperated, but the Cute Potato kids were running on empty and not quite in picture taking form. MP resorted to bribery, promising pizza from Otto and soda if they would cooperate for just a little while.

Thankfully, Cathy is not only a talented photographer, but also a patient mother of three who understands kids and families. Despite CP#2’s desire to stay on the playground, DP’s late arrival due to traffic, and MP’s unexpected downhill slide in the mud, Cathy managed to take these memorable pictures: (more…)

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