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Now that the kids are in elementary school, the sight of baby clothes makes MP feel nostalgic. Parents have a short grace period when it comes to choosing what their kids wear, which lends itself to the wistful pangs a Mom feels when she walks by the baby and toddler section of a store and realizes how much her kids have grown in a few, short years.

This is exactly the state of mind MP was in when she came across the BAOBAB Organics booth at the Common Ground Fair last year. Textile designer Vero Poblete-Howell makes beautiful kids’ clothes and stuffed toys at her studio in Waldoboro. Her company, which is named after the largest tree on earth, prides itself on using organic, sustainably produced fabrics. There’s no denying the quality, and Vero’s great eye for design.



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The Common Ground Country Fair is happening this weekend, and the team is looking forward to returning for some serious fall fun.

The kids were just one- and two-years old when we last visited Unity. We brought a compact stroller along for the trip, even if it meant cramming it into the wagon that transports families to the entrance. If your children are older, walk the woodland path to the CGF. It’s a short hike and definitely worth the added time. The large pine trees that line the trail are dare we say, magical.

When you arrive at the entrance, grab your tickets, as well as a map of the fairgrounds. If you are really efficient, print out the map before you go.

Walk directly to the Children’s Area and try not to be tempted by the incredible array of food, crafts, and gardening information available. Your kids will thank you. You will thank you. The crafts and activities in the kids’ section are so much fun. You’ll be glad to get there early to avoid lines. At 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. each day, there’s also a colorful, garden parade. Sign up if you can. It’s hard to resist little kids dressed as veggies. (more…)

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