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While MP was in France last week, she had the pleasure of reading French Kids Eat Everything by Karen Le Billon. The book’s sub-title, How our family moved to France, cured picking eating, banned snacking, and discovered 10 simple rules for raising, happy healthy eaters, piqued MP’s interest. CP#1 and #2 are good eaters, but they can be picky, and like their mother, they also enjoy a delicious snack—let’s call it a petit dessert—twice a day. With these facts in mind, MP thought a little guidance couldn’t hurt.

French Kids Eat Everything begins by showing the cultural differences between North American parents and the French when it comes to food. Prior to their move, Le Billon’s girls, ages 2 and 5, were accustomed to several snacks throughout the day: mid-morning, afternoon, and another before bed, while the French maintain an unwritten one snack a day rule (the after school goûter). For meals, the author’s oldest daughter, Sophie, preferred foods like French fries, Cheerios, pasta, and buttered toast. Claire, the youngest, began to follow suit.


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