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With Christmas Day just around the corner, we’re getting ready to decorate our holiday table. MP came across this idea for crowns on Pinterest, and thought the crowns would make festive place holders for our guests.



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Ah, snow days! Our family loves being snowed in, especially during December. The team spends our day baking and making all sorts of wonderful things for Christmas. We drink hot chocolate and eat a few too many cookies. We take naps. We play outside. Days like these are a gift.

Here are some of our favorite holidays projects, designed with snowy December days in mind:

1) Cookies for Friends 2) Cinnamon Dough Ornaments 3) Santa Puppet 4) Mason jar snow globes

Happy making everyone!

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Thanks to everyone who entered the Cute Potato Mother’s Day giveaway! MP is so glad that there are stylish moms out there who adore Kate’s jewelry designs as much as she does. She hopes everyone will be equally enthusiastic about her Kickstarter campaign to create her own traveling jewelry shop. We can’t wait to see her refurbished vintage trailer this summer!

Without further ado, congrats goes to Alexandra Lowery, who likes Kate’s beaded hoop earrings in emerald best. Speaking of favorites, if you’re looking for something for the kids to make for a special grandmother or aunt, here’s some of our best Mother’s Day crafts from over the years:

1. Memory Jar

2. Patchwork Flowerpot

3. Garden Gift

4. Backyard Birdhouse

We hope you’ll enjoy creating something special with your potatoes. Happy Mother’s Day all! xo, MP


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Last year, MP was flipping through the pages of the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and a sweet Easter tree caught her eye. Inspired, MP decided to try creating a similar tree with the kids.



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MP spotted these sweet, applesauce and cinnamon ornaments on Katy Elliott’s wonderful blog last year (proof how long it takes MP to get to things). The beauty of this project is its welcome ease. All you need is applesauce, $1 store ground cinnamon, and some baker’s twine or string.



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We love making crafts with supplies we have around the house. That’s why this easy snowflake project—originally featured on iVillage—caught our eye. Here’s what you need:

• Toilet paper rolls, cut in 3/4-inch rings (5-6 depending on your preference)
• Acrylic paint
• Glitter
• Glue
• Ribbon
• Clothespins or snack clips (more…)

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After several trips to our local orchard, The Cute Potato house is positively brimming with red fruit. We’ve made applesauce, apple crumble and an apple tart. And while MP loves all of these wonderful fall treats, they’re not so kind to her waistline. Thankfully, she spotted a super cute Apple Print Bag like this one on Martha Stewart Crafts.

We love these bags for toys, books and of course, apples

It’s a messy project for sure, but surprisingly easy. And the kids liked that they could make their own tote bags for library books. (more…)

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