Giveaway Day #5: February Vacation Package from L.L.Bean and Wolfe’s Neck Farm

In late January, the Cute Potato team visited the L.L.Bean Winter Carnival in Freeport. The outdoor carnival is an impressive event, where families get to try snowshoeing, ice fishing, cross country skiing, and more snowy day activities for free! The CP kids had a blast trying all of the activities, but their favorite by far was snow tubing down an expansive …

Giveaway Day #4: Family Photo Shoot from Cathy Clicks

If you’re a regular to Cute Potato, you know how much we adore Cathy Clicks photography. Scarborough photographer Cathy Davis, who is mom to four little ones, seems to effortlessly capture her subjects’ personalities. She’s patient, relaxed, and willing to try most any location. When the photo session is over, Cathy presents a bag of prizes to reward a job …

Giveaway Day #2: Collection of Down East Children’s Books

Down East Books ever-growing catalogue of children’s stories are among our household favorites. We’re thrilled that the Camden-based publisher donated 7 wonderful books to the Show Your Love Fundraiser. What a great way to start a library of New England classics for your child!

Giveaway Day #1: Rainbow Toys Gift Certificate

We have a few go-to places to find great gifts for kids, and Rainbow Toys is one of them. Nestled among the Shops at Falmouth Village, the inviting toyshop is filled with award-winning games, crafts, children’s books and developmental toys for infants (to name a few). CP#2 regularly visits to browse their incredible selection of LEGO and Playmobil toys.