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MP has heard the term geocaching many times over the years, but chose to ignore it. The word implied a level of technological ability that MP didn’t believe she had. If someone had promoted free treasure hunts throughout the state, she might have paid closer attention.

Thanks to the encouragement of a friend, MP learned that all geocaching requires is a cell phone and a sense of adventure.  What is a geocache?  It’s found treasure that comes in several sizes. You and your family get to decide how challenging you want your hunt to be.  The smaller the geocache, the more challenging the search!

DP downloaded a $10 geocaching app on iTunes. There are many free options, but DP chose Geocaching by Groundspeak based on user ratings (he’s the technology guy at our house). As it turns out, there are hundreds of geocaches all around us. Our team decided to find a medium sized cache in Twin Brooks Park in Cumberland. The kids brought backpacks, flashlights, and garden trowels, plus a few small treasures to leave behind. The rule of geocaching is: once you find your treasure, you leave something for the next person.



The kids wore wellies and lots of bug spray for this adventure!


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