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Our family needs a break from routine by the end of the week. Sometimes we make simple meals like breakfast for dinner and enjoy a movie at home. Other Fridays DP and MP will throw up our hands and say, “Let’s go out!” On this particular night, we had the new-to-us Otto Pizza in South Portland on the brain. The popular pizza place, which has two other locations in Portland, set up shop in an old gas station. The location looked so cool, we wanted to experience it for ourselves.



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You would think, given the name of this beloved Portland restaurant, the team would have checked out the space years ago. Somehow Silly’s slipped by us. CP#1 and MP had a chance to redeem ourselves recently during a girls’ day out.


CP#1 outside Silly’s Restaurant.

The Washington Avenue institution is worth visiting based on the eclectic décor alone. Each lamp hanging from the ceiling is covered in buttons, beads, and feathers. There are travel photos on every wall, displaying happy customers holding bumper stickers that read, “Eat at Silly’s.”



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Note: Farmers Fare closed in June 2011.

Belfast-based designer, Patricia Shea, who writes the fun dessert lover’s blog, Pattern Patisserie, sent a glowing email about Farmer’s Fare in Rockport—a market/eatery featuring locally grown produce, Maine cheeses, coffees, spices and specialty food items.

Outside is a wrap-around deck that’s perfect for families

Not long ago, MP decided to stop in for a much needed caffeine fix and a treat for the kids. She was immediately impressed by the display of local children’s books and handmade gifts at the entrance. And all of us were taken with the bountiful baskets of fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Temptation in the form of local veggies

A tomato tasting station, which offered varieties from Green Arrow Farms in Searsmont, delighted CP #1—a self-described tomato fanatic. Her brother, who has yet to meet a vegetable he likes, was quick to find the play area, equipped with a pretend market and giant, felt foods.

CP#1 would have eaten all of the samples if we let her

CP#2 offering Mom a nice bunch of felt grapes

MP and DP sought out iced coffee and discovered a freezer full of lemon and blueberry sorbet made by Gelato Fiasco in Brunswick. Most surprisingly, these perfect, single serving size cups were free. The kind folks at Farmers Fare invite guests to experience “The Frozen Joy,” with a pay-it-forward policy. Have a $1 on you? Great. If not, contribute next time.

Maine Wild Blueberry sorbet. Yum!

The kids devoured their sorbet in minutes, and MP wished she had room for the decadent Coconut Moo Shake. Or the fabulous looking vegetable torte. Or just about anything in Farmers Fare deli case.

Farmers Fare
Route 90 and Cross Street
Open Mon. – Sat: 8am to 6pm
Closed Sundays

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maesOn yet another rainy day, the Cute Potato gang descended on Mae’s Café in Bath—hungry, cranky and wet. The staff set us up in our very own room (smart!), the waitress promptly took our order and CP #1 and #2 ran around the table while we waited for our food. What could have been a potential disaster became a pleasant lunch. What more could a parent ask for?

At Mae’s, there are many healthy options for the little ones, although ours are on a grilled cheese and french fries kick. But the best part, for adults and kids alike, are Mae’s phenomenal baked goods. Our personal favorite is the blueberry cake, which to quote a New Jersey relative, is TDF (to die for). And the oatmeal, cranberry and white chocolate chip cookies, which the kids devoured during the drive home, are really yummy, too.


160 Centre Street
Bath, Maine 04530

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