How to Make Christmas Crowns

With Christmas Day just around the corner, we’re getting ready to decorate our holiday table. MP came across this idea for crowns on Pinterest, and thought the crowns would make festive place holders for our guests.

Make Your Own Easter Tree

Last year, MP was flipping through the pages of the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and a sweet Easter tree caught her eye. Inspired, MP decided to try creating a similar tree with the kids.

Mason Jar Snow Globes

MP often gets inspired when she visits local craft fairs. Case in point: while visiting the SEA Holiday Art Sale in Portland, she discovered these Martha Stewart-inspired Mason Jar snow globes.

Mother’s Day Flowerpot

The kids have a stockpile of Highlights High Five magazines on their bookshelf. On rainy days, they’ll often revisit those magazines in search of an easy craft project. CP#1 and #2 wanted to try the Patchwork Flowerpot in the July 2011 issue, so we gave the project a go. All you need is a small terracotta pot, fabric glue, paintbrushes, and fabric scraps.

Make Your Own Ladybug

While visiting the Children’s Garden in town over the weekend, Team Cute Potato discovered some great decorating ideas for our own plot. We especially loved this little, hand-painted lady bug.