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How did Valentine’s Day sneak up on us so fast? Our family loves to make homemade gifts and cards for friends and loved ones. Here are a few favorites:

1. A healthier version of Peppermint Patties that is so easy to make.

2. Make your own decorative stamps for cards with this simple egg carton craft.

3. A DIY Book of Love is such a sweet keepsake.

4. Kids can make their own crayons for classmates (try a heart-shaped silicon mold).

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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It’s raining… again. And tomorrow’s forecast calls for more. What’s a parent to do? MP went through some of Cute Potato’s favorite rainy day activities to help:

1. Visit an Indoor Play Space
Try Portland’s Greenlight Studio or The Rumpus Room in Brunswick. Also, don’t forget to check out your nearby libraries for fun children’s programs and free play.

CP#2 takes a building break at a favorite play space.


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Not long ago, a friend sent us a link on how to make heart-shaped crayons. The project required using broken crayons from around the house (which are plentiful here) and a molded silicone tray (which we didn’t have available). The truth is, Mom Potato couldn’t justify buying a silicone pan for $10, when a new box of crayons costs a lot less.

The project was on hold, until yesterday, when the team found a Wilton flower silicone mold on sale for $2. We rushed home from the store and started working on our homemade crayons. This project is easy, fun and we love that there’s little clean up involved.

Here’s how:

1.  Preheat oven to 200°

2. Take out any broken crayons, tear of excess paper, and divide them by color. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, mix colors for fun, multi-colored crayons.

Crayon papers make great confetti

3.  Place the broken crayons in a molded, silicone tray (any shape will do).

Divided crayons going into the oven

4.  Place the silicone pan on a cookie sheet in the oven for 20 minutes or until melted.

Molded crayons just out of the oven

[Note: ours took a little longer to melt, but many of our broken crayons were jumbo sized]

5.  Let the pan cool for 15 minutes and gently pop the crayons out of the tray.

Our springtime crayons

We think they’re cute and perfect for springtime party favors or gifts.

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