Sweet & Healthy Valentine’s Day Desserts

MP would like to welcome Sara Sullivan, a nutritionist from Yarmouth, back as a guest blogger today. Sara offers wonderful ideas for healthy meals, gorgeous salads, and smoothies on her blog, sarasulllivan.com. For Valentine’s Day, she has delicious, no-bake dessert recipes to share. Take it away, Sara…. Grocery store candy? Not a chance. You’ve printed out cards, made cute crafts, …

Sweet & Salty Snow Day Treats

True confession: MP has never made Rice Krispie treats. Ever. Marshmallows, butter, and rice cereal never excited her (even with the snap, crackle, pop). However, when MP spotted this recipe for Peanut Butter Pretzel Krispie treats, she suddenly felt inspired. All she need was an excuse. Today’s snow day was it.