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There’s a lot of attention given towards Mother’s Day gifts, but what MP really wants is a day of gorgeous food and gardens. To start, the team is going to attempt making crepes for Sunday breakfast. MP spent time in Quebec City during college and she still dreams about the crêperie she often visited. Thankfully, she discovered The Maine Stay Inn’s Blueberry Almond Crepe recipe, which appears simple enough, and is made with almond extract—one of MP’s favorite flavors.

Photo courtesy of the Vegan Project

Next on MP’s wish list is a day at McLaughlin Garden in South Paris. She’s looking forward to exploring the gardens, snapping a few photos and picnicking with her favorite crew. This weekend, the garden will be hosting its Opening Day Plant Sale and if you bring a gently used purse, you can receive 10% off at the gift shop, too.

Finally, if there’s still room in our bellies, MP hopes to celebrate the day with ice cream at Toots in North Yarmouth or maybe trying one of the “fearless flavors” at Mt. Desert Is. Ice Cream. She’s particularly curious about the Salted Caramel and Biscuit Tortoni.

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While shopping Estabrook’s Christmas with Alpacas event in Yarmouth over the weekend, MP discovered these super cute Peruvian finger puppets. CP#2 immediately fell in love with them and couldn’t wait to get home to put on a show. MP thinks they make fun stocking stuffers for little ones and bought a few more for her nephew.

CP#2 with his two new favorite puppets

Claudia and Ken Raessler, who own the Suri Paco Alpaca Farm in North Yarmouth, also offer hats, throws, socks and natural fiber yarns.

The ram is just one of many fun options… CP#2 liked the bunnies and monkeys, too.

Suri Paco Alpaca Farm
Claudia & Ken Raessler

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