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Jessica Jenkins, the owner of Daytrip Jr. in Kennebunkport, guest blogs today. If you haven’t already, follow Daytrip on Facebook. Jessica is a wonderful source of ideas for kids and families. We’re so happy to have her here! Take it away Jessica….

In search of a winter activity to cure our cabin fever, the Daytrip Society family packed our hats, coats, and snow pants and headed north toward the Saco Heath Preserve. We spotted some amazing photos of the preserve from the summer and fall, so we took our chances that the trail would be passable in winter.

When we arrived, we were happy to find the parking lot open! We entered the trail and walked along the snow-covered boardwalk which zigzagged about half-mile to where the trail opens up to the Heath (aka a bog). My husband and I were glad for our last minute decision to throw a sled into the car, so our 4-1/2 year old could get a tow whenever she needed it!



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