Indoor Fun for Families in Maine

When it’s too cold to enjoy the outdoors, or the snow conditions are not quite up to snuff, we try to find active indoor spaces that have something for all of us. Following are a few new favorites and suggestions for where you can find similar locations throughout the state.

The Clever Kitty

Grandma Cookie Potato is one of a kind. One of the things we love most about GCP is her ability to rock accessories like striped Halloween socks and funky pumpkin earrings. She not only buys these accessories for herself, but outfits CP#1 and #2 with Halloween-inspired gear whenever she can. Something tells us Grandma would love these adorable felted hair …

Scratch Baking Co.

There’s something about this time of year that makes MP crave caffeine and carbohydrates. And what better place to satisfy that desire than South Portland’s Scratch Baking Co.? The artisan bakery in Willard Square is a warm and welcoming place filled with every delight a carbohydrate-craving mama could hope for (in this case it was a Maine Sea Salt bagel).

A Valentine’s Day Shake

Wow! Maine families get really excited about a new restaurant, as evidenced by the tremendous response to our Elevation Burger Giveaway. A big thank you to everyone who entered! Congratulations goes to… … Lori Watson. Lori and her family have won a meal for 4 people to Elevation Burger in South Portland. All of this talk about the delicious offerings …

Elevation Burger: South Portland, Maine

MP doesn’t usually take the kids to fast food restaurants (with the exception of an occasional soft serve or juice box on the road) but she’s not opposed to a good hamburger. That’s why South Portland’s newest restaurant, Elevation Burger, caught her eye. Local dads and business partners Mark Caron and Chris DiMillo decided to open the franchise due in part to …