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Today marks the first post in a new Cute Potato series that highlights creative, adventurous parents. MP recently had the opportunity to speak with Dylan Drake—mother, designer and organizational guru behind the Camper Clan—about her family’s decision to journey 6,200 miles across America by electric bike to break the Guinness World Record (4,176 miles)!

During husband Tomas Corjito’s daily rides, Dylan follows behind in their van with daughter Eva, age 4, and son Coco, age 2. Her day requires some serious planning: dealing with weather, mapping out routes, finding economical places to stay, and above all, entertaining the kids!

While traveling across country is a challenge, the family has prior road trip experience. In June 2013, they set off on a yearlong journey across the Americas from Tomas’ native Argentina to Dylan’s home state of Montana. The incredible experience fueled Dylan and Tomas’ desire to take on a bigger challenge, and share it with the world.

Their World Record adventure started in Missoula, Montana—the family’s hometown—in August 2014. If all goes as planned, the trip will end in Key West Florida in January 2015. Dylan and Tomas hope the trip will help promote sustainable transportation and encourage travel with young children.

MP chatted with Dylan after the family’s short visit to Maine about the ups and downs of life on the road.

MP: Before we start, I have to ask, what was your impression of Maine?
DD: I’ve never been to Maine, but I’ve always wanted to visit. We spent Halloween in Old Orchard Beach.

Coco on the beach in Old Orchard.

Coco on the beach in Old Orchard.


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