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Like all summers, ours seemed to go by just. like. that. Between our busy schedule and humid summer days, MP thought she missed the opportunity to pick strawberries altogether. And while buying fresh berries at the farmers’ market is an option, there’s nothing quite like going to a farm or field to pick your own fruit.

Then, via Facebook, the folks at Goss Berry Farm in Mechanic Falls reminded MP about late season strawberries. Suddenly, it didn’t matter that June and July had passed by in a flash, PYO strawberries were on the horizon! And if that weren’t enough, high bush blueberries and sunflowers were also plentiful. On a picture perfect August morning, MP and DP drove to the farm with plans to pick as many berries as humanly possible.IMG_1268


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The ladies of Cinderella

Ella, her stepmother, Calvina and stepsisters, Clio and Claudette

Team Cute Potato braved the wind and rain yesterday to preview Cinderella at the Children’s Theatre in Portland, and we’re so glad we did. This quirky production is far from the Disney version, but that’s what makes it so special. Elaine (Ella) is a tomboy who enjoys spending time with her beloved father and tending to the family garden. When her father remarries, his new wife and two stepdaughters are unkind to Ella (although one sister shows a refreshing, softer side). Soon dad is called away on business, and Ella becomes a servant in her own home.

Like the original, a royal ball is announced, and Ella’s fairy godmother makes it possible for her to go. The prince is a shy one, however, and it takes time (three royal balls!) for him to approach Ella and express his feelings. Will Ella be able to win his affection? Will her father return? And what will become of Ella’s selfish stepmother?

CP #1 and #2, who are two and three-years old, were glued to their seats for the 45 minute production, anxiously awaiting the outcome. As any parent knows, that’s quite a feat. We credit the endearing cast of young actors, who treated us to magic, music and dancing.

The Thursday afternoon performance was sold out, so be sure get your tickets for the next performance early. We can’t wait to go again! In fact, The Emperor’s New Clothes is coming to the theatre in March.

Cinderella dates & times:

Saturday, February 27 at 1pm & 4pm

Sunday, February 28 at 1 pm & 4 pm

Friday, March 12 at 4pm

Saturday, March 13 at 1pm & 4pm

Sunday, March 14 at 1pm & 4pm

For more information, visit http://www.kitetails.org. Tickets are just $8 each.

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