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MP has a philosophy about house cleaning —it’s best in small spurts and even better when the products she’s using are environmentally-friendly and smell good. Enter our newest blog sponsor, Good Natured Brand, a home and body care company that began with Maine-based mother of three, Kate Perrin. MP first discovered Kate’s products in 2013 when she came across them at a local farmers’ market. Three years later, with the marketing help of business partner Lisa Hansen, Good Natured Brand is growing by leaps and bounds. You can find their products at Whole Foods, Amazon.com, Hannafords, Ace Hardware, True Value and several Maine-based natural foods stores.


Co-founder Kate Perrin at home with her daughter.


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Image courtesy Tyler Vunk Photography

Welcome our newest sponsor, Gabrielle (Gab) Melchionda of Mad Gab’s natural and organic bodycare, to the blog! In the early nineties, Gab started making lip balm in her mother’s kitchen just for fun. Family and friends encouraged her to sell her homemade balms at farmers’ markets and local stores, and in a few short years, her company received national attention. QVC featured her lip balms on television, and magazines including Vogue and Working Mother highlighted Gab and her sought-after products.

Flash forward 25 years and Mad Gab’s is looking to make headlines again. They’ve recently launched an exciting new line of products called MG, geared towards young women. The company is also a finalist on Greenlight Mainea local TV show that features up-and-coming Maine businesses.

MP sat down with Gab to discuss the challenges of running a successful business, balancing work and motherhood, and what she’s dreaming up next.


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“The more ingredients in a packaged food, the more highly processed it probably is.” —Michael Pollan

In January, MP was browsing the new books at our library and came across a cookbook called 100 Days of Real Food by Lisa Leake. The book caught MP’s interest for a few reasons. Like MP, Lisa is a blogger and mother of two, who enjoys cooking and baking. Lisa began her blog after watching a television interview with In Defense of Food author Michael Pollan. Pollan’s common sense thoughts on highly processed foods inspired Lisa to change her family’s eating habits for the better.


Lisa Leake and her family. Photo courtesy of http://www.jsonline.com.


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Note: Portland Whole Foods no longer hosts a Sunday Jazz Brunch, but they do host some great events geared towards families. Visit their events calendar or Facebook page to learn more. 

We don’t shop at the Portland Whole Foods as often as we’d like, but when we do visit the all too tempting store, it feels like an event—a nice break in our Groundhog Day like shopping routine.

So you can imagine how thrilled we were when the Whole Foods Café brought back its Sunday Jazz Brunch. Not long ago, we carried CP #1 and CP #2’s craft supplies to the café, found ourselves a generously-sized table, listened to live music and sipped coffee. Heaven.

The café is open and brightly lit, making the Maine winter feel a bit sunnier. And the menu, while standard fare, is affordable. The four of us had brunch for less than $30. Dad Potato stretched our Whole Dollar by purchasing a few items in-store and delivering them to our table. The meal included fruit, yogurt, bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, an egg sandwich, coffee, soymilk and hot cocoa for the kiddos. Hey, we like to eat.

By the time brunch was over, CP #1 and #2 were ready to cut a rug. A few other potatoes joined our duo, and even with all the foot traffic at the café, no one seemed to mind the impromptu dance party.

At the Whole Foods Sunday Brunch, kids can be kids and parents can feel like adults. A visit is well worth the price.

Whole Foods Cafe
2 Somerset Street

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