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While visiting Rockport earlier this month, we discovered the stunning Beech Hill Preserve. The 295-acre preserve offers family-friendly trails alongside protected fields of organic blueberries and wildflowers. Beech Hill is one of those magical, Maine places where visiting feels like a privilege. We arrived at the Beech Hill Road trailhead and decided to take the short 3/4-mile hike to a stunning hilltop that overlooks Penobscot Bay.





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The Cute Potato family is having the busiest August on record. We’re moving to a new house, hosting summer guests, and preparing to take on an exciting new project (more on all in future posts). With so much happening, MP asked Jessica Jenkins, our friend and sponsor from Daytrip Jr., to guest blog. Jessica and her crew recently traveled to the Kennebunk Plains to pick wild blueberries. Here’s their story: 

Kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk… it’s blueberry season in Maine!* The staff at Daytrip Society is always on the look out for fun, all-ages nature spots. We’ve heard more than a story or two about the bountiful, blueberry harvests and rare flowers in the Kennebunk Plains, but we had yet to visit ourselves. We grabbed our hats, berry baskets, and bug spray and prepared for adventure.



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