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MP is always on the look out for fun and easy craft projects. During yesterday’s nor’easter, she discovered some leftover felt pieces that were perfect for designing snow people.

While CP#1 and #2 were busy eating breakfast, MP used a Mason jar band to trace a few circles on the felt with chalk. Then she drew hats, mittens, boots, a scarf and cut out each piece.

Next the team scoured our craft supply cabinet and found sequins, stickers, construction paper and pipe cleaners to decorate our snow people. CP#2 decided his snowman should be wearing skis, so we added Popsicle sticks to our supplies, too.

We reinforced the backs of the arms & mittens with extra felt

The kids had fun gluing the pieces together and adding their own unique embellishments. Next time, CP#2 wants to make a bathing suit for his snowman. So cute!

CP#1 and #2's snow people. The pipe cleaners make great bendable arms.

We love this project because you can use any materials you have around the house. Leftover fabric, buttons and even colorful, outgrown socks could work, too. If you’re super organized, cut out the necessary pieces for quick crafting kits—perfect to have around the house for future snow days.

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