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Mid-April has arrived and dare we say, it’s beginning to feel like spring is really here. Most of the snow has melted in our yard, chickadees are singing in the early morning hours, and we even spotted crocuses blooming in a friend’s garden. These signs of the season may not seem like much if you live in warmer climates, but for Maine families like us, there is so much hope attached to these small gifts from nature. To celebrate, we’re sharing some of our favorite spaces to visit in April and May.

East Point Sanctuary, Biddeford Pool
On a warm spring day, we love to visit this Maine Audubon sanctuary by the sea. Street parking is limited, but if you get to the sanctuary early, kids can spend hours playing in the open fields, flying kites or scaling rocks.


CP#1 enjoys a quiet moment at East Point Sanctuary in Biddeford Pool. 


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A Child's Day by Ida Pearle

A Child’s Day by Ida Pearle

We were fans of Rock, Paper, Scissors in Wiscasset (aka Maine’s prettiest village) before the Cute Potatoes arrived. Now, we love RPS even more for the unique toys, books, games and gift ideas the store offers. On a recent trip, we spotted brightly colored Tubtrugs bins—perfect for playroom storage or in the garage. And we picked up a beautifully illustrated alphabet book by Ida Pearle for our friend’s new baby. You’ll also find Cute Potato favorites like Red Cap cotton onesies, Crocodile Creek bibs, games from Eeboo, plus well-designed toys from Kid o and Flen Sted paper mobiles.

Rock, Paper, Scissors
78 Main Street

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