Daytrip Jr.

If your family happens to be in Kennebunkport, and you find yourselves exploring Dock Square, we recommend going directly to Daytrip Jr. The inviting shop is a Cute Potato favorite. When MP visits, she can’t help but think of A Christmas Story, when Ralphie and friends have their noses pressed against the glass at Higbee’s Department Store window, gaping in awe …

Giveaway Day #1: Rainbow Toys Gift Certificate

We have a few go-to places to find great gifts for kids, and Rainbow Toys is one of them. Nestled among the Shops at Falmouth Village, the inviting toyshop is filled with award-winning games, crafts, children’s books and developmental toys for infants (to name a few). CP#2 regularly visits to browse their incredible selection of LEGO and Playmobil toys.