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While visiting the Merrill Memorial Library in Yarmouth, we spotted the Build a Better Birdhouse exhibit. The June exhibit featured birdhouses designed by Maine architects, but there were also some fun versions made by local children.

The CP family is always looking for new ways to add color to the garden, so we thought, why not try decorating some birdhouses of our own? Here are a few from the library that provided inspiration:

MP liked the stripes painted on this cheerful birdhouse.

So sweet… one child painted ‘Welcome Birdies’ on her polka dot house.


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Many of our friends are composting at home, so the team thought it was high time we followed suit (translation: MP signed up to take a Saturday home composting class, while the rest of her crew stayed home and ate pancakes).

The 90-minute class was held at our local transfer station by the gregarious Phil Hildebrandt; the Superintendent of Transfer & Recycling in Yarmouth. Phil is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher. His first lesson shows the differences between carbons (browns) and nitrogens (greens), which come from the kitchen or backyard:

Greens: Cracked eggshells, pasta, fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, flowers or plant trimmings

Browns: Coffee filters, bread, paper towels/napkins, dryer lint, leaves, dry grass clippings


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